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PT. Seanindo Global Sukses

About Us

  PT Seanindo Global Sukses is a freight-forwarding company that will support you to secure your business into a world of opportunities. We provide the service to ship commercial goods from China to Batam.We analyze that the possibility to import commercial goods is limited only for those with extensive resources. They must have the budget to purchase one entire container of commercial goods. 

However, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) don’t have comparable capabilities. Consequently, they could only arrange the supply from the local suppliers. We believe they deserve the chance from going local to global.

Thus, We are motivated to establish this business. We are here to support small or medium-sized businesses that are facing challenges in importing small-scale goods. 

We provide the opportunity for some small and medium enterprises who need to import commercial goods. After that, we consolidate their needs in one container. We are the pioneer of arranging this business mechanism in Batam.

As time goes by, our business becomes this significant. We initiated the business in 2006 and then legally established it at the beginning of 2018. 

Since then, we always strive to simplify your logistics through our outstanding services.


Our vision is to be the leading and trustworthy world-class forwarder in providing business logistics solutions.. We do this to encourage trade, both on small and massive scales.

We will present our best service by being more transparent, more agile, and more efficient with digitalization. Thus, it will be easier for the customers in utilizing our service.

On this, we will achieve a sustainable business by building a global logistic chain. We will formulate and sustain a long-lasting relationship by enhancing your business supply chain.


Our mission is to consistently fulfill our clients’ demands. We will generate sustainable growth for your business needs. Our Real Time Tracking System will ensure the arrival of your goods. We always upgrade our service fitting with the current advancement.